Maximeccanica Srl was founded in 2019 in Casentino, Italy, as a spin-off of Tera Automation Srl, which has been dealing with automation and industrial robotics since 2010 at international level.

Our ever-expanding work team consists of professionals with extremely diverse backgrounds. This is how each member contributes with their specific knowledge to each project.

In our workshop, we offer a wide range of services, from computer numerical control precision machining to thermofluidodynamic calculations, from 3D printing to technical consulting. We machine all types of metals, plastics, and composites, and, with our latest generation pantograph, we also work on the so-called advanced materials, which involve a high powder production.

Our workshop in 6 points

1 Team

Maximeccanica's strength is undoubtedly the working group - a young and dynamic but still experienced and resourceful team.

2 History

We have significant origins: Maximeccanica was founded as a spin-off of Tera Automation, a leading manufacturer of automations for the precious metals sector and beyond. In addition, it can also count on the experience and know-how of another major company related to the metals sector: Italimpianti Orafi.

3 Method

What definitely sets our workshop apart is the flexibility and versatility with which we move from one process to another quickly and expertly.

4 Cutting edge Machinery

Within our machine fleet we have high-tech milling machines, lathes, pantographs and 3D printers from the best brands in the industry.

5 Prime quality results

Mechanical components made with numerical control enable you to build machinery of the highest quality.

6 Opportunity to test an idea

With our 3D printing service, you can make prototypes very quickly because 3D printers requires no setup time. You can make small series and one-off pieces to give concrete form to your thoughts.

Learn all about our services

  • Precision turning
    products and prototypes made with motorized lathes also with Y axis
  • Precision milling

    to machine even extremely complex geometric shapes

  • Pantograph machining
    maximum precision for very complex shapes on particularly large surface panels on plastic, composite or advanced materials
  • 3D printing

    maximum customization of: material, color, layer height and texture fill percentage

  • Fluidothermodynamic calculations

    CFD consulting to support thermofluidodynamic design of devices and plants