High-precision CNC turning

Maximeccanica offers you all the benefits of a third-party machine workshop for CNC turning on most materials, with the highest dimensional accuracy and in short lead times.

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Computerized Numerical Control turning

Precision turning involves the machining by swarf removal of all those mechanical parts that are solids of revolution. In the case of turning, the tool stands still and the workpiece rotates during the removal of the material. 

Computerized numerical control machining operations are controlled and monitored by a software which transmits to the machine all the information needed to produce the workpiece. As a result, they can ensure:

  • the maximum geometric and dimensional accuracy
  • the production of geometrically complex shapes
  • the total repeatability of the process

In our workshop, we make products and prototypes with motorized lathes also equipped with a Y-axis and a lathe with a maximum z-axis travel of 1,000 m that also allows us to make shafts of considerable length.

The Maximeccanica workshop at work

The advantages of CNC machining:

  • Massima precisione dimensionaleMaximum geometric and dimensional accuracy
  • Monitoraggio costante della linea produttivaConstant monitoring of the production line
  • Tempi ridotti per la realizzazioneReduced time for production
  • Produzione semplificata: dal progetto CAD al prodotto finitoSimplified manufacturing: from CAD design to finished products
  • Rispetto di tolleranze geometriche anche minimeExcellent and consistently repeatable product quality
  • Creazione illimitata di forme anche geometricamente complesseCreation of geometrically complex shapes
  • Riduzione dei costiReduction of costs

From prototypes to products

Maximeccanica is a workshop that specializes in precision third-party machining and 3D printing services

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Complete finishes for perfect projects

We can also manage numerous types of surface treatment by making use of the best partners in the industry:

  • Verniciaturapainting
  • anodizzazioneanodizing
  • zincaturazinc plating
  • nichelaturanickel plating
  • cromaturachrome plating

Discover the machine fleet in our workshop

With our state-of-the-art lathes, you can count on the highest geometric and dimensional accuracy and the highest quality end product. From your CAD design to the finished product with our CNC machines!

Discover our lathes

Why choose Maximeccanica?

    • aluminum alloys
    • copper
    • steel
    • cast iron
    • brass
    • bronze
    • plastic
    • graphite
  • We have been engaged in high-precision CNC machining since 2019, and have a fleet of machines that allows us to handle almost all production stages in-house, quickly and with very high quality standards.
  • With our machines, you can produce or prototype. Once you have defined the parameters on a CAD design, the numerical control will manage the machine so that no abnormalities occur in production.
  • We have the latest high-tech machinery from the best brands in the industry. Our 3- and 4-axis milling machines and lathes can produce complex shapes with the highest dimensional accuracy.
  • Our team consists of skilled technicians who are experts in precision machining. Because of this expertise, our turning, milling, pantograph machining and 3D printing departments work closely together.
  • CNC machining ensures that even the smallest geometric and dimensional tolerances are met. Our state-of-the-art machinery allows you to make any type of component, even geometrically complex ones, with a simple CAD design.

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