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Whatever your area of operation, in Maximeccanica you will find a trained and reliable partner for all your needs.

Our workshop offers third-party turning, milling, pantograph machining and 3D printing services applicable to many industries. We machine metals, plastic, composite and even advanced materials, with which we produce complex shapes with the highest precision.

Maximeccanica produces finished parts or prototypes, in series or limited runs, up to one-piece production with our 3D printing systems

Our workmanship has already been chosen for


Paper making machines


Industrial automation


Precious metals machines


Bike and
motorcycle accessories




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  • Precision turning
    products and prototypes made with motorized lathes also with Y axis
  • Precision milling

    to machine even extremely complex geometric shapes

  • Pantograph machining
    maximum precision for very complex shapes on particularly large surface panels on plastic, composite or advanced materials
  • 3D printing

    maximum customization of: material, color, layer height and texture fill percentage

  • Fluidothermodynamic calculations

    CFD consulting to support thermofluidodynamic design of devices and plants