Fluidothermodynamic calculations

Maximeccanica, in collaboration with Tera Automation, can provide CFD consulting services to support the thermofluidodynamic design of devices and systems, with particular reference to both heat exchangers and heat sinks. 

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CFD consulting

CFD, from Computational Fluid Dynamics, is a technology by which processes related to fluid motion and associated transport phenomena, such as mass and heat transfer, can be analyzed and optimized through virtual computer simulation, thereby saving considerable time and costs associated with development based solely on experimental testing. 

High performance heat sinks

Thanks to our thermofluidodynamic studies, we can produce water-cooled plate heat sinks that are unique in the market for their performance.

These are heat sinks with forced liquid circulation intended for applications with particularly high localized thermal loads (up to 2000° C), such as:

  • Power electronics 
  • Laser
  • Medical equipment
  • Transportation
  • Trains
  • Electronic equipment for military use
  • Radio transmitters
  • Semiconductor manufacturing machines
  • Uninterruptible power supplies

Thanks to our experience in machining and our expertise on virtual simulation processes, we are able to develop highly efficient and functional customized solutions.


What is your project

Why choose Maximeccanica?

  • Processing of all materials
  • No outsourcing of service
  • Production of individual pieces and small runs
  • A technologically advanced machine park
  • A teams of specialized technicians
  • Maximum flexibility in project implementation

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